Our Tūwharetoa rohe is abundant in Māori multi-owned whenua and we hear the call to utilize this whenua as a solution to the Housing crisis often. Papakāinga is an important part of our housing kaupapa, and we stand to assist whenua Māori owners, trusts, and incorporations to help build a warmer future.


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What is Papakāinga?

We know building Papakāinga isn’t easy but developing your whenua can open the gate to affordable, quality and secure housing helping to give whānau accommodation and/or ongoing revenue for generations to come.

Papakāinga is more than just physical homes and this living practise looks to provide stronger whānau connections, cultural preservation, and the revitalisation of communal living.

The definition of Papakāinga differs from rohe to rohe, organisation to organisation, council to council and can include a lot of difficulties. Here in our Tūwharetoa rohe it is defined as a minimum of three whare.

Understanding where to start with Papakāinga Developments on Māori owned whenua is just one of the obstacles identified. Barriers such as planning restrictions, consents, and lack of infrastructure can make this a long and difficult process. Often whānau have already returned to the whenua and are struggling with where to look for support.


Te Puni KŌKiri’s Guide to Papakāinga Housing

What is Te Puni Kōkiri's 6-step process?

Key Relationships & Funding

Facilitating whānau/ hapū wānanga

Initiating Project Feasibility

Council Information

Governance over your whenua

How does the service work?

Here at He Iwi Kāinga,  we aim to provide advice and advocacy to our Māori landowners. 

Our focus is to support the development of healthy, affordable Papakāinga homes and communities on whenua Māori.

We support the development of homes owned and occupied by the owners or the whānau who whakapapa to the whenua.

Papakāinga are not just housing developments, and we encourage communities that maintain their connection to the whenua and wai, their identity, communal spaces and intergenerational living.

Papakāinga developments can be difficult. A lot of people and organisations are involved and it can be hard to get agreement.

We work to guide you following the six-step process recommended by Te Puni Kōkiri to get a papakāinga development approved and ready for construction.



Want to learn more give our He Iwi Kāinga Team a call 0800 TŪWHARETOA (889 427) or email heiwikainga@tst.maori.nz