Since December 2019 Tūwharetoa Settlement Trust has completed its research and gained valuable insight into the housing needs of Ngāti Tūwharetoa Iwi .

Urgent action was required to provide advice and advocacy for Affordable, Assured, Healthy and Accessible housing for all our registered Tūwharetoa Settlement Trust members.


  • Homes worthy of Ngāti Tūwharetoa
  • Homes for mana and whanaungatanga
  • Communities where our future generations will thrive

whare ora

Whare Ora is a programme designed to help Home Owners to evaluate their home and property with a free Whare Ora assessment completed by Aaron Te Huia our Technical Building Assessor.

Assessments can include:

  • Critical and Severe Repair Requirements to provide running water,  waste water management and electricity.
  • Weatherproofing your home
  • Roof, floor and window insulation
  • Providing essential access
  • Solar power options

The assessments will provide areas of priority for repairs and maintenance for Tūwharetoa Settlement Trust members.

Kaiārahi will make contact to work with you and your whānau and arrange for our Technical Building Assessor to come to your home and complete a full assessment for repairs.

Kaiārahi will then work with you to look at solutions to complete the repairs & maintenance through a comprehensive plan (see the Frequently Asked Questions)

As our Whare Ora Programme is in its infancy it does not include funding for repairs from Tūwharetoa Settlement Trust but Kaiārahi  will refer to external providers for assistance that may be available to you and your whānau.

Whare Ora FAQs

sustainING tenancies

Nobody wants to live day to day struggling to make sure they and their whānau have a roof over their heads, food in their bellies and are safe and healthy.

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to tenancy because everyone’s situation is unique. Having a stable place to call home can make it easier to get ahead and deal with other issues in your life.

That’s where Sustaining Tenancies comes in.

Sustaining Tenancies offers support and services for tenants in both private rentals or public housing, who are in a tenancy but may need help to be able to stay in it.

Those issues could range from

  • Struggling to pay their rent
  • Dealing with mental or physical health concerns
  • or risk factors such as addiction or family violence.

Referrals for this service can be made by individuals, private landlords, agencies or community services that are working with the whānau.

Sustainable Tenancies FAQs

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Papakāinga Development Support

Papakāinga developments on Māori owned land is are one of the solutions to providing affordable housing for our whānau. If you or your trust are wanting assistance to develop a Papakāinga we would love to work with you. Our team can help you with:

• Papakāinga development process.
• Feasibility reports.
• Navigating the Māori Land Court.
• Council consenting.

Papakāinga FAQS


Home Ownership is the ultimate dream and one we here at Tūwharetoa Settlement Trust feel should be achievable to all.

We offer an 8 week Sorted Kāinga Ora programme to help build financial capabilities and can support and guide you to achieve your ultimate dream in:

  • Affordable home ownership.
  • Residential developments and builds.
  • Papakāinga development support

Registrations are currently CLOSED until 2023


He Iwi Kāinga Kaiārahi can provide advice and advocacy for you and your whanau in all housing situations. Landlords are also able to enquire, receive advice and advocacy.

This can include:

  • Advice on Kāinga renting, purchasing and lending (mortgage).
  • Coaching and mentoring on budgeting, home purchasing, home maintenance, property management, being a high performing tenant.
  • Advice on being a landlord or engaging with landlords.
  • Advocacy for electricity prices and all other subsidies.
  • Advocacy for rental subsidies.


Beginning with Te Iwiheke we are investing in providing 13 Affordable Rental 3 bedroom homes for whanau.

We aim to guide whanau by creating a safe and enriched community, incorporate skills for home repairs and maintenance, provide financial literacy and mentorship.

These homes are designed as a stepping stone to give whanau the time and support to achieve the goal of Home Ownership.

Registrations are currently CLOSED


The short term outcomes we are seeking:

  • Affordable & quality homes are available (within the rohe) to members who are prepared and committed
  • Home repairs, insulation & accessibility renovations are available to members who are prepared and committed
  • Coaching, guidance and support are available to members to achieve individual home ownership
  • To improve the health of all who reside in the rohe of Ngati Tūwharetoa

The medium term outcomes we are seeking:

  • More members are in a position to renovate their homes to a warm, healthy and accessible state
  • A greater number of affordable homes are available (within the rohe)
  • More members are in a position to purchase or rent a high quality and affordable home

The long term outcomes we are seeking:

  • More members have the resources and independence to own an open market home
  • All members have the skills and support necessary to own an affordable home
  • All members have the financial resources necessary to own and operate an affordable home.

The Trust introduces “He Iwi Kāinga” established as the project management office to achieve our mission of Assured, Affordable, Healthy and Accessible Housing for Ngāti Tūwharetoa.

General Manager Sean Te Heuheu and his team are ready  to deliver housing solutions that contribute to the overall wellbeing of our people and our whenua – now and into the future.



Our operational team includes;

Sean Te Heuheu – General Manager – Tūwharetoa Settlement Trust

Greg Stebbing – Commercial Advisor – Tūwharetoa Settlement Trust

Melanie Henry – Corporate Services Manager – Tūwharetoa Settlement Trust

Blandina Diamond – Programme Manager – He Iwi Kāinga

Gaye Stebbing – Programme Administrator – He Iwi Kāinga

Aaron Te Huia – Technical Building Assessor – He Iwi Kāinga

Rua Eagle – Senior Kāinga Coach  – He Iwi Kāinga

Kelley Hema – Senior Kāinga Coach – He Iwi Kāinga

Casey Thompson – Senior Kāinga Coach – He Iwi Kāinga


For more in-depth information and reviews please view our downloadable documents here;

Please contact us to receive a copy of the He Iwi Kāinga – Tūwharetoa Kāinga Strategy

Click here to request a copy of the He Iwi Kāinga – Tūwharetoa Kāinga Strategy


Affordable rental Registrations of interest are closed

Our services are available Monday – Friday (8.30-4.30pm)

For more information contact us.

Phone: (0800 TUWHARETOA (0800 889 427).


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