Whare Ora has been designed to help our Ngāti Tūwharetoa homeowners to assess the condition of their whare. Through this programme you will receive a free Healthy Homes Assessment Report providing you with advice and advocacy on any repairs and maintenance needed to achieve a healthy standard.

Proudly funded by Bay Trust, this initiative helps He Iwi Kāinga to work towards achieving our vision of homes worthy of Ngāti Tūwharetoa where we will see our future generations thrive.

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How does it work?

We offer a free Whare Ora assessment completed by our Technical Building Assessor.

For our Whare Ora service we:

Assess: Our assessor will visit your property and assess the health of your home.

Report: We create a detailed report of the findings including what meets Healthy Home standards and any maintenance or repairs noted.

Prioritise: Actions are prioritised by need and urgency.
Together we work out what can be done as a whānau and where you need professional help.

Action: Based on your plan, we support you to take action.

Q. What is the criteria for the Whare Ora service?

Q. Can Papakāinga apply?

Q. Does this service provide funding for the repairs and maintenance needed?

Q. Is your service for the Tūrangi, Taupō only? does that mean that you don’t look at towns outside of this?

Q. Does this service include education on how to maintain your home?

Q. What does your report cover?

Q. Do you help those that live in and around Rotoaira and Waihī within the Tūrangi area?

Q. What assistance is available to members living outside of Taupō and Tūrangi?

Q. Is this just an assessment or does it include further restructure, like do you guys actually come in and fix things?

Q. I have heard that other whānau have had repairs done to their whare – how can I have this done for mine?

Q. Who can not apply?

Q. I have registered for Whare Ora but have not heard anything back yet?

Whare Ora does not include any funding or grants from He Iwi Kāinga or Tūwharetoa Settlement Trust.

We will support to explore external funding opportunities as these become available but cannot guarantee your eligibility or the funding be provided.

Contact us on 0800 TŪWHARETOA (889 427) or email heiwikainga@tst.maori.nz to schedule an assessment today.