Our aim for this service is to help prevent/reduce homelessness and support our whānau through tenancy challenges, due to complex needs. Our support is based on Kaupapa Māori principles.

Are you needing help with your tenancy?

Are you failing to meet your tenant responsibilities, rent issues, struggling to maintain the home, don’t understand what your landlord needs from you, or just going through a rough patch?

Sustaining Tenancies can offer resources and helps tenants to develop the skills and knowledge to independently manage their tenancy with the support from our Iwi Kāinga team.


Some things you need to know

What are the criteria for the Sustaining Tenancies Programme?

How long do I need to stay on the programme?

How can I apply?

Cala-Jane and Kane hongi greeting
Cala-Jane and Kane

How does the Sustaining Tenancies service work?

Step 1. Referral and complete consent form.

Step 2. One of our Iwi Kāinga team will be in touch to assess your needs and ensure the programme is right for you.

Step 3. If the programme supports your needs, we will then set up a meeting to identify the level of support you require. The assessment can take up to 1.5 hours, this is to assist us with finding the best services and support needed by the whānau.

Step 4. Once the assessment has been completed, a whānau plan will be developed. This plan will record what’s required and where we can help to sustain the tenancy.

Step 5. The plan will record who will take which actions. We will also record your progress and your feelings towards the programme for quality improvement purposes.

Sep 6. Aim to reach the whānau goals and sustain the tenancy.

Enquire now

Call the He Iwi Kainga Team for a confidential chat on 07 378 6796 or 0800 Tūwharetoa (889 427) or email heiwikainga@tst.maori.nz