2015 Tai Tonga Taiwhenua Electorate Representative By-election - DECLARATION OF RESULT

I declare the result for the 2015 Tai Tonga Taiwhenua electorate representative by-election that closed on Friday 2 October 2015. I confirm that the official result was determined after the scrutiny of the electoral roll was completed, the validity of all votes was determined, and all valid votes were counted.

Tai Tonga Taiwhenua Electorate Representative (1 vacancy) Votes Received

SEVERNE, Charlotte 397

HARRIS, Judy 151

OTIMI, Dominic 110



I therefore declare Charlotte SEVERNE to be elected as a Tai Tonga Taiwhenua Trustee for the Tūwharetoa Settlement Trust.

The voter return was 23.65%, being 659 votes received from 2,787 eligible members, of which 35.36% voted by internet and 64.64% voted by post.

Anthony Morton
Returning Officer - Tūwharetoa Settlement Trust
0800 666 033
7 October 2015

TST_2015_Tai_Tonga_By-election_Final_Result.pdf (Size: 95.48 KB)

Posted: Fri 09 Oct 2015


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